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The original Nomad Fun Park film is only 1000 views off achieving the 250,000 views milestone!

Once we hit this milestone we will be releasing a couple of new projects to mark the occasion.

The first is a re-release of the Nomad Fun Park t-shirt in all its glory.

The other is a brand new mini film featuring Nomad Fun Park stars Matt Lackey and Lachlan Cramsie.

Our recommendation: Sit back and rewatch Nomad Fun Park now!

Welcome to the Nomad Fun Park!

Nomad Fun Park features two of Nomad’s elite riders, DK supremo Matt Lackey and 3 x Australian ABA Champion Lachlan Cramsie, as they travel to the Philippines to surf the country’s famous right, while also going off track in search of one of the island chains hidden secrets, a perfect undiscovered left-hand break.

Epic Lefts and Rights……..Welcome to the Nomad Fun Park.

The project is filmed and edited by Michael Jennings and features a fantastic independent music soundtrack including bands Caddywhompas, Away From Now, Pope, Tempest Rising, and Hightime.


The film makers wish to thank all the bands and their record companies who graciously allowed us to use their songs for this film:

Intro Section

Band: Caddywhompas
Album: The Weight
Song: Age of Wild Spirits

Appearing thanks to Community Records


Cramsie Section

Band: Away From Now
Album: “Blackout”
Song: Hit The Ground

Appearing thanks to Pee Records


ISIS Wave Section

Band: Pope
Album: “Known Weed Smoker”
Song: Cashier

Appearing thanks to Community Records


Lackey Section

Band: Tempest Rising
Song: A Part of Me

End Credits Section

Band: Hightime
Album: Mother Crab
Song: Cangrejo Madres

Appearing thanks to Pee Records


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