Lachlan Cramsie


Lives: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Top 3 Favourite Australian Wave Breaks: The Rock, Nuggen, Kiama Wedge

Top 3 Favourite International Wave Breaks: Backdoor Pipeline, Rock Suck-Samoa, Pebbles-Fiji

Favourite International Trip destination: Hawaii

Career Highlights: 3 x Australian Champion, And some epic sessions out a South Coast Big wave Bombie

Top 3 Favourite Bands: The Amity Affliction, A Day to Remember, ACDC 

Top 5 Favourite songs: Youngbloods - The Amity Affliction, 10 Miles Wide - Escape the Fate, Open Letter - The Amity Affliction, This War is ours - Escape the Fate, Never Alone - The Amity Affliction.

Top 3 Favourite Films: All Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Rick N Morty, Brooklyn 99

Top 3 Favourite Bodyboard Films: 3 Amigos, Roam 2, Grow Up 2

Lachlan Cramsie

Our story

Nomad Fun Park features two of Nomad’s elite riders, DK supremo Matt Lackey and 3 x Australian ABA Champion Lachlan Cramsie, as they travel to the Philippines to surf the country’s famous right, while also going off track in search of one of the island chains hidden secrets, a perfect undiscovered left-hand break.Epic Lefts and Rights……..

Welcome to the Nomad Fun Park.

The infamous Nomad Chopper.

Find out the story about this session on the Close Out Podcast Episode 2


The ultimate in next generation tech for speed and power. The Exhaust Channel system flushes water through the channel system giving you more drive down the line and speed into turns.

Precision Recoil Stringer™

Precision Recoil Stringer™ also known as PRS is a tapered carbon fibre stringer. The PRS is wider and stiffer at the tail of the board, and becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose of the board. This stringer works with the core adding spring like recoil in the nose while maintaining stiffness in the tail, the perfect combination for board projection.

Ultimate QUAD PREMIUM PP - Crescent Tail - Nomad Bodyboards