Lachlan Cramsie is currently proving himself as one of bodyboardings emerging stars. Cramsie is the current Australian Pro Tour Champion, has won previous National Junior and Open titles, and in his freshman year on the APB World Tour is proving to be the future of the sport. Cramsie’s new board model model, nicknamed the ‘Blood Diamond’, as you would expect has been designed for high performance in comps and free surfing.


Matt Lackey is one of the major personalities and most beloved riders in bodyboarding today. Lackey is the most recognised DK (Drop Knee) rider in the world and has been for almost 2 decades, and the Lackey model is board of choice for all DK riders.
Working alongside Lackey for almost 15 years we have refined and produced the ultimate DK weapon trusted by the best drop knee riders in the world.


Michael Novy is one of the world’s premier wave riders. Winning both an ABA Tour comp in 3ft surf and the ABA Big Wave Awards on a 15ft monster slab on the exact same day, Novy has proven how comfortable he is in all surf conditions.
Novy’s board model, nicknamed the ‘Cyclone’, is a board that has been designed for high performance moves that Novy is known for, like fast, smooth air forwards and air reverses. Novy rides the same template in all conditions, from maxing ‘The Right’ to 2 foot beachies.

Band: Hightime
Album: Mother Crab
Song: Cangrejo Madres

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