Sam Thomas

Age: 23

Lives: Tasmania

Top 3 Favourite Australian Wave Breaks: Shipsterns Bluff, Konys, a little patch of reef on the coast at home. 

Top 3 Favourite International Wave Breaks : socials, rutaki and i havent found the third one yet. 

Favourite International Trip destination: Cooks (RARO) so far but cant wait to get over to Ireland & Tahiti one day. 

Career Highlights: Pumping Shipsterns with the local crew. South Australia in 2015 with my two best mates. I didn't know waves could get that good haha.

Top 3 Favourite Bands: at the drive in, Blink-182, old parkway drive. 

Top 5 Favourite songs: pattern against user-atdi, its hard to speak without a tongue-parkway drive, whats my age again-blink-182, spare me the details-the offspring, last kiss-Pearl Jam.

Top 3 Favourite Films: Terminator 2, the Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump

Top 3 Favourite Bodyboard Films: Video, decade & Roam 1 & 2. 

Sam Thomas