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Ten years ago we released 'The Lackey Project' now you can watch it here forever, for free.

Two years in the making…correction…two painstaking years in the making. Lackey pulls out all the stops in the soon to be historic DK vid : The Lackey Project. Not only are the edits state of the art…assembling this DK cast together in one film and the depth in which they are featured would be near impossible to complete for any other film director. Lackey holds it down from D.Bah to South Africa and even gets the holy grail of all : new Roach footage. Amazing soundtrack and nods of some of the biggest metal acts to grace a bodyboarding vid; Anthrax, Overkill, Hammerfall, Madcon, and Danzig.

Intro 1:06
South Oz 3:27
Bennington 6:21
Mason Rose 8:41
Kim Feast 11:05
Simon Romano 11:27
Sacha Specker 12:16
Da Hawaiians 13:57
Down The Road 16:32
Mixed 19:13
Home 23:46
Dylan Lee 29:12
West Oz 33:16
Roach 36:07
Outro 40:17

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