The minds eye 👁

I have had the mouth cam for a few years now and gathered some sick sessions in that time, basically when no one can film and it’s hollow I’ll take it out. Sessions are from queens head, melbs wave pool, few from Sumatra… but there’s one outstanding day at lighthouse beach, and it was all-time, and I couldn’t believe how good it was, I surfed for about 5 hours, and when I came in that arvo, I found out Tom Morey died that same day, so that LHB session stands out a lot and it’s a pretty special day for me in the way of remembering a pioneer of the sport, and what a better way to send him of by getting barrelled on the very vehicle he created.. a session I won’t ever forget.

Hope you enjoy the visions - Jones Russell

Edit: Thanks to Samuel Rutherford

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